Sunday, November 3, 2013

Two Fold Adventures!

First of all I want to say this is a special blog because this is my first time participating in a blog tour and I'm so excited that it is with this book that I've begun!!  I, Saul is such a fun yet thought provoking book. We start our story with our hero a seminary professor Augustine Knox going through his everyday not knowing with one phone call God will give him a life changing moment. The next chapter we jump into history and meet Dr. Luke and the apostle Paul during his last imprisonment in Rome. At first it jars you jumping back and forth between the worlds but almost immediately you will become so drawn to both worlds you won't notice or mind because you'll be right in the middle of each world and when you see how they connect, which you find out early on, you won't be able to put the book down. This book has everything adventure,mystery, even a little romance. The writing is so vivid that as you read you'll find yourself in the middle of the story. You'll be in the prison with Paul or running from corrupt cops with Knox. This book is a must read!!!


NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 23, 2013—Jerry Jenkins’s novels have sold more than 70 million copies, qualifying him as one of the best-selling novelists of all time. In his new release, I, Saul (Worthy Publishing, Aug. 27, 2013), Jenkins presents his latest masterpiece: a compelling international thriller that catapults readers from present-day Texas to a dank Roman dungeon in A.D. 67, then down the dusty roads of ancient Israel, Asia, and back to Rome.

An adventurous seminary professor, Augustine Knox, is drawn into a deadly race to save priceless parchments from antiquities thieves, and discovers a two-thousand-year-old connection with another who faced death for the sake of the truth. I, Saul consists of two riveting adventures in one as readers are transported between the stories of Augustine Knox and the man who would become the Apostle Paul.

I, Saul will keep readers turning pages as it offers new insight into the fiery early days of Christianity when Saul of Tarsus vowed to put an end to the new sect, whatever the cost. A fast-paced story filled with political intrigue, mystery, and rich historical detail, I, Saul is the thrilling tale of loyal friendships tested by life-or-death quests, set two millennia apart. With this new work, Jenkins again delivers the sort of novel that has made him a household name.

Jenkins artfully depicts biblical times and characters, relying heavily on research and expertise provided by noted pastor and biblical scholar, Dr. James S. MacDonald.


Jerry B. Jenkins’s novels have sold more than 70 million copies, including the phenomenal mega-best-selling Left Behind series. Twenty of his books have reached the New York Times best-seller list, including seven that debuted at number one, as well as the USA TodayPublishers Weekly, and Wall Street Journal best-seller lists. Jenkins has been featured on the cover of Newsweek magazine. Jerry and his wife, Dianna, live in Colorado.